Warning — this story discusses sexual assault

Dear Men

It’s time we had the chat. Please take a seat. There’s no need to be embarrassed, this has been a long time coming. In fact I don’t want you to be embarrassed because in that emotional state the tendency is for people to freeze up, so keep your mind open because it’s not about you.
(psst, it’s about you. And it’s about me. It’s all of us).

No don’t be embarrassed, I’m way more interested in you getting angry because I need the energy of that anger to be focused in…

For most Commercial property owners, this won’t end well.

In rental and lease markets it’s fair to say that for the best part of three decades, the landlords around most parts of the developed world, have been the price setters. Demand in office spaces in central suburbs and CBD’s has been consistently tight. And now, finally, Chief Financial Officers have become aware of the drain on cash that has been the Human Resource Director’s remit — staff office space.

Which is now about to change. What has become clearer, prompted via Covid19 and people ‘forced’ to work from home is…

You need to read this BEFORE your other Extrovert friends

Sorry Extroverts, NO Picture here, you’re in Lockdown

THAT is your first challenge! How do you survive without all those up-close visual clues you’re so used to giving and taking? We’ll get to that but before we look at the tips let me state a little fact about Introverts you may not understand

We are A LOT like you

We are a lot like you because believe it or not my Extroverted friend, we feel much the same things you do. But the main difference is the way each of…

The Mask That Cracks

I Love Masks — Art Fire

What mask are you wearing today?

And do you know why you chose that mask to wear, for today?

‘What’s that you say?’ — ‘I don’t have a mask?’ Oh my dear friend, nor do I (nudge nudge, wink wink). We just happen to be here in this space together, pretending we have it together, presenting our totally open faces to the world, and no one knows we have a mask on.

Trust me, your secret is safe — if you don’t point out mine, I won’t point out yours and together, behind our masks, we’ll…

That’s a plant I have sitting on my office window. It’s about as sorry a little plant as you can get. But it’s a real plant tended to on occasions poorly by me. I could have found another plant or run a filter over it or borrowed the perfect plant shot from someone on the web. Would that perfect plant photo make you any happier?

I’m an optimist by nature and pragmatist in operation. I reckon you can find the good in most situations whilst understanding that no, everything will not likely be ‘perfect’. …

Image from Wilson Hill Academy
Image from Wilson Hill Academy

The Delusional Myth of ‘Work-Life’ Balance


‘Work-Life Balance’, one of the grand delusions of our time continues to persist its insidious draw down on our consciousness. This myth presupposes that the grand challenge of our lives (or one of them at least) is that we must find a way to allocate our time toward ‘work’ and allocate our time toward our ‘life’ in some way that achieves a state of acceptable personal equilibrium.

I’m a big fan of the notion that language matters. That the labels we use frame and contextualise how we do what we do. And that…

Finding Un-Loneliness

‘Go out and meet people’ is advice I’m offered consistently. It is, apparently, the panacea for Loneliness. Except where it is not.

I meet people all the time. I am a somewhat odd introvert having learnt to ‘play extrovert’ which affords me a skill at chatting with people. …

How to Log in to Medium


see a story you want to read traversing the Medium home page and click on it (1)
pop up says you need to log in with fb/twitter/email et al. Click on log in with email (2)
type in your email address
click ok (3)
System does a loop, takes you back to log in but this time with just FB or email. click ‘email’ (4)

type in email address. click ok (5)
captcha box appears. …

Is $48 too Much for Man’s Haircut?

A quick confession — it’s been about 20 years since someone else has cut my hair. And I mean the ‘sit down in a chair, cloaked in slippery, never quite stays put plastic sheet, stare at a mirror’ style of cut.

When I was younger I didn’t think too much about spending money having my hair cut, or getting tips. Hey who didn’t want to channel a bit of Sonny Crocket back then? But these past two decades?

I think it started from being rushed one day — needed a cut, didn’t have…

I’m Sorry Kids, and That’s NOT Your Curse to Carry

Stripped back to the core essential, Parenting is a relatively simple task:
‘Your job as a parent is to enable your offspring to become successfully independent of you as quickly as possible!’

Now does this mean the kids can never come back for help (whether they truly need it or not?) — of course not. Kids are way smarter than we ever were. That is why they do not leave home or why they have extended stays when they come back. …

Marcus Barber

Facilitator & Futurist developing better thinking of Boards, Execs & Orgs to focus on better outcomes: Refollows? http://lufg.com.au/event

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